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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the health benefits of a Detox?

Even if we live a very healthy lifestyle and eat and a diet high in fruits and vegetables, combined with plenty of exercise, we are still exposed to toxins, caused by the environment in which we live. A detox program gives the digestive system a complete rest and allows the other organs of the body to focus on detoxification. The blood system will clean itself in one week during a fast.

Will I lose weight on a Detox?

Most people lose 1.0 – 1.5 kilos per day. A very slight person will usually lose less than this and the weight will rebalance after the program. If you continue with a healthy diet you will continue to lose weight after you return home,

What is in the herbs and supplements that I will be taking?

Most of the herbs and supplements are designed to support the body during the fasting process. You will take 5 shakes containing psyllium husks, bentonite clay and activated willow charcoal per day and these act to draw out toxins and “sweep” impacted fecal matter contained within the colon, out via the colonic irrigation. You will also take vitamin supplements and “green” food, which contains vital proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and alkalisers, necessary for the heath of the body.

Do I have to do colonics as part of my program?

You do not have to do colonic irrigation as part of your program, however we do advise that you do. The colon is one of the body’s largest organs of detoxification and this coupled with the many kilos of putrid fecal matter left behind by years of unhealthy living, makes colonic irrigation, one of the best cleansing activities you can do for your body.

What is coming out during the colonic irrigation?

Years and years of toxic waste that has been stored in the colon. The herbs will act to loosen this fecal matter so that it can be eliminated through the colon. If you massage the belly during the colemas and try to retain the water between eliminations for as long as possible, then you will go deeper into the colon and start to loosen up mucoid plaque.

Will I feel hungry during the Program?

You should not feel hungry during the program. After you have not eaten for 24 – 36 hours, your body stops producing digestive juices, which create the desire to eat food. The shakes are also designed to create bulk and therefore promote a feeling of fullness in you belly.

What will my typical day look like?

You will be kept very busy during the program. You will be doing about 4 hours of exercise per day, including walking and yoga, daily. In addition to this you will take part in our morning meditation, take a steam bath, do your colonic and enjoy a traditional Thai massage. Later in the afternoon, you will take part in one of our daily workshops.

Why do I need to do a pre-cleanse?

The pre-cleanse prepares your body for fasting. By eating a diet based largely on alkaline foods, your body will not be so “shocked” by the fasting process and you will not experience such dramatic healing crises as a result. If you do not have time to do a pre-cleanse, we suggest that you enjoy a few days of rejuvenation, eating three Life Food meals per day, prior to embarking on your fast.

I do not want to fast. What program do you recommend?

If you do not wish to fast, then you may follow our Rejuvenation Program, which includes the full program of activities, and supplements, as well as three Life Food meals per day and two juices. Colemas are optional.

What should I eat following my Detox program?

You should break the fast with a diet of soft fruits – papaya is ideal. For the first two days, we advise raw salads or lightly steamed vegetables and fruits.

The longer you can maintain your healthy alkaline diet, the better you will feel and the longer your new state of wellness will remain.


Disclaimer :

Results may vary ! How much weight a person looses depends on person to person New Body and Mind Retreats cannot 100% guarantee a specific amount of weight loss in a stipulated time period.