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In addition to strict compliance with the rules, what we can do to protect ourselves is try to strengthen our immune system, which is closely related to the gut microbiota, that set of microorganisms that regulate many functions and generate an anti-inflammatory response against pathogens. 70-80% of the body’s immune cells are located right in the gut and, therefore, the efficiency of this activity depends on the variety of foods and the quality of nutrients we introduce with food. Of course, everyone is different and therefore the nutritional aspect must be customized. For example: citrus fruits are an important source of vitamin C, but if I suffer from gastritis I have to avoid them and replace them with something else. So here is the good practice suggested by dietitians and immunologists.

The most important micro-nutrients for the immune system (Part 2)

Deficiency is associated with a state of chronic inflammation. The daily requirement can be covered by eating 4 tablespoons of decorated millet or 4 tablespoons of dried legumes; while 100 grams of raw spinach, 6 Brazilian walnuts, 100 grams of brown rice provide half of the needs, which is 240 mg per day.

They are found in the outer part of the barley and oat grain, in mushrooms and algae. Once introduced with the diet, beta-glucans are able to stimulate the activity of phgocytes (particular white blood cells that are tasked with ‘eating’ viruses, parasites and bacteria). Porridge, a food made from oats, is a great breakfast.

Vitamin A
Indispensable because it maintains the integrity of skin and mucous, which are the first barrier to external pathogens. Some animal foods and orange vegetables are rich. The recommended daily requirement varies between 0.6 – 0.7 mg (woman– man). Eating 4 carrots takes as much as 2.3 mg, with half a plate of pumpkin about 1.1mg and about 0.5mg with 3-4 apricots, in the egg yolk instead are 0.113 mg.

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