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Fasting seems to be the most effective method to prevent and combat inflammatory states associated with different conditions and pathologies such as atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes and several autoimmune diseases, including neuro-degenerative diseases.

Confirming the benefits of a real “therapeutic fast” are researchers from the Yale School of Medicine in the United States who in a study found that a substance produced by the body while on a diet or fasting can block a part of the immune system involved precisely in inflammation. In short, reducing calorie intake is of fundamental importance in preventing many of the diseases associated with aging and a sedentary lifestyle, since eating less and even fasting (for certain periods, of course) activate the production of a molecule capable of extinguishing chronic inflammation.

Under observation is the β-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) which seems to be able to inhibit NLRP3 which in turn falls within a complex set of proteins that guide the inflammatory response in many pathologies, including several autoimmune diseases. BHB is a metabolite produced in response to a fasting state, high-intensity exercise, reduced caloric intake, or the practice of a ketogenic diet (low in carbohydrates and high in proteins and lipids).

From the experiments, it turns out that as the level of BHB in the blood increases, the level of inflammation is reduced both in the case of a diet and in the case of fasting. A good result, therefore, that suggests that a therapeutic fast can be used in the early treatment of many diseases that share an increased production of molecules capable of triggering the inflammatory response.

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