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Adults are supposed to have up to 150 minutes of physical activity each week or a little more than 20 minutes a day. Thankfully, walking count toward that quota. Walking at a brisk pace burns about 150 calories in 30 minutes (for a 175-pound person).

Walking requires less gear than running, just a pair of supportive shoes.

It helps lower blood sugar. Even short walks can yield big benefit. Walking after each meal, for only 15 minutes, helps improve blood sugar levels.

It’s great for our mood. Walking, like other cardiovascular activities, help ease anxiety, depression and overall bad moods. If going to the gym or getting dressed for yoga feel like too much effort, walking may feel more approachable.

It strengthens our heart. Walking is prescribed as a way to prevent coronary heart disease. It reduces risks by almost 20 percent!

It can ease joint pain. Walking not only helps keep our joints lubricated and healthy it also helps us strengthen the surrounding muscles.

 It’ll strengthen our legs. Stronger, more toned legs? Start by walking then pick up the pace or find a hilly route to boost the strength-building benefits.

It’s good for immune health. Walking every day for less than an hour may help fight off upper respiratory infections. A study of 1,002 adults found that those who walked 30 to 45 minutes daily took fewer sick days and were sick less often, too.  

It could add years to our life Pick up the pace on our next walk it could help us live longer.

It can get those creative juices flowing. Feeling stuck? Experiencing writer’s block? We may take a walk or pace around our office. Researchers found that walking can boost creativity by 60 percent and it doesn’t matter where we do it!

It builds stronger bones. Walking is a weight-bearing exercise. It forces our body to work against gravity and that’s good news for our bone health, especially as we age.

It’s appropriate for all fitness level. Whether we are new to exercise or live at the gym, walking is a great workout. Walking’s relative accessibility also makes it a great activity to do with friends!

It could help improve our sleep. Physical activities like walking overwhelmingly have positive effects on rest.

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