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Refined ingredients, such as white flours, decrease the intake of fiber and nutrients to the body and debilitate the microbes of the intestine. Many serious diseases such as ulcerative colitis, some tumors and neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by a poor variety of intestinal flora. The solution is to eat foods that bacteria like, whole rich in fiber foods.

Sugary drinks, those called “zero” and fruit drinks that derive, by dilution, from concentrated fruit juices may not have added sugars, but a study correlates an increased chance of getting cancer or diabetes when consuming those foods.  Sugar, of all kinds, is not suitable for a balanced diet. This does not mean forgetting sweets at all, but finding alternatives such as spices and fresh or dried fruit that can be used in desserts and getting used to not sweetening coffee and herbal teas.

Always prefer fresh cheeses, especially goats and sheep, to very seasoned ones because the fat concentrate is less.  The continuous consumption of ultra-processed foods, that contain preservatives and artificial aromas such as most ready-made foods, sweet and savory snacks, commercial biscuits, are all related to a greater possibility of getting cancer, obesity and diabetes.

Cured meats, burgers, ultra-processed canned meat are associated with a greater possibility of contracting bowel cancer.  The European Code against Cancer recommends ‘avoiding preserved meat; limit the consumption of red meat and foods with a high salt content”. It would be appropriate for the food industry to find natural alternatives to artificial preservatives: there are some studies on the use of shiso leaves, an Asian plant.

The less salt we take, the better. A valid substitute for pure salt is the gomasio. Based on sesame seeds (goma) and whole sea salt (shio), both ingredients are toasted and then joined and mixed in a mortar. The ideal recipe is 21 parts of sesame seeds and 1 of salt.

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