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Many people have been successful in the quest to stop smoking by going on a fasting period using live fruits and vegetable juices and quality steam-distilled water.

A live juice fast can quickly remove nicotine and the other damaging chemicals from the body. Amazing result have been given by our 7 days live juice detox program.

At New Body and Mind, to support nicotine withdrawal, we use successfully Vernonia Cinerea, a perennial herbaceous plant distributed in the tropical regions commonly found in South-East Asia and Hawaii as our special Quit smoking tea.

Vernonia Cinerea has been documented and widely used as a Thai traditional medicine and in other countries for relieving cigarette craving, asthma, cough, fever, malaria, arthritis and urinary calculi.

Smoking addiction can be overcome and the health benefit begin almost immediately.

In just 24 hours from the last cigarette blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal as should the levels of oxygen and carbon monoxide in our blood.

Within a week our sense of taste and smell improve and risk of heart attack decrease. Breathing becomes easier.

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