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We realize that for many of our guests, participating in a detoxification program will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Because of this we strive to provide a highly personalized program and therefore limit the number of guests at our 4 Star Essential Beach side Retreat to 14 which allows our program managers to spend quality time supervising and guiding you through every step of your program, every day of the week.

  • The  7-day Ultimate Detox & Weight Loss Program will initially consist of 6 days juice fasting and 1 day rejuvenation.
  • The 10-day Ultimate Detox & Weight Loss Program will initially consist of 1 days pre-fasting, 7 days juice fasting and 2 days rejuvenation.
  • The 14-day Ultimate Detox & Weight Loss Program will initially consist of 2 days pre-fasting, 10 days juice fasting and 2 days rejuvenation.

All programs can be altered at any time to suit the client’s condition and personal goals.

Naturally, the longer the program, the better the results and on average, our guests lose between 0.5 and 1.0 kg each day while juice fasting, depending on their physical condition and commitment to the program.

Our standard detox program can be tailored to suit most medical problems such as obesity, underweight, IBS, Anorexia, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, candida, cholesterol and thyroid issues etc.

Prior to joining our program we send you our Health Assessment Form which assists us to understand your medical issues and goals, so that we can alter your program accordingly.

Our programs offer the most natural and efficient way to readjust your metabolic balance, which generates weight loss, body realignment, general fitness and well being,
while cleansing your body of the toxins, chemicals and parasites that have built up over the years and drastically inhibit good health and vitality.

Our Menu and Nutritional Support

We serve only healthy all-natural juices, foods and supplements with no chemicals, pills, capsules or artificial substances of any kind.

On pre-fast and rejuvenation days you will enjoy 3 ‘healthy life’ meals per day, consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, salads and soups, with chicken and fish on request. Alternatively, choose from the selections on our popular raw food menu.

In addition, you will also receive 5 natural supplement and nutritional drinks and 3 fresh juices daily.

On juice-fasting days you will not consume any solid food, but receive 8 natural supplement and nutritional drinks and 3 fresh juices daily, with a vegetable herb broth in the evening.

20 years’ experience have proven this is plenty to get you through the day and make the juice fasting stage of the program more comfortable and enjoyable. However, you will be closely monitored on a daily basis and the program can be adjusted at any time to suit your physical and mental needs.

Alkaline Water

Because alkaline water has a higher pH level than does plain tap, distilled or bottled water, we only use our very own Alkaline Water for drinking and cooking. This provides our clients with several important health aspects such as

  • Alkalizing
  • Antioxidant
  • Super-hydrating
  • Mineral rich
  • Oxygen rich
  • Detoxifying
  • Cleansing
  • Energizing
  • Weight control

All customers are encouraged to drink as much of our water as possible which is available free of charge, at either room temperature or chilled, 24 hours a day.

Tamarind juice

A common ingredient in Thai Cuisine, the fresh juice of tamarind is the Thai equivalent of prune juice. It is a rich source of vitamins, fiber, potassium, magnesium and other nutrients necessary for good health. Tamarind is also considered as a blood purifier and a good source of antioxidants. Tamarind contains carotenes, vitamin C, Flavanoids and the B-vitamins and protects against vitamin C deficiency. It reduces fevers and provides protection against colds and can be gargled to reduce sore throat. Tamarind helps the body digest food (mild laxative), is used to treat bile disorders, lowers cholesterol and promotes a healthy heart.

Tamarinds are antioxidant powerhouses. Prevents Atherosclerosis rich in magnesium, promotes weight loss.
Good for nerve function, helps maintaining healthy blood pressure; it promotes fluoride excretion and has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Super nutrition

This naturally balanced blend of organically grown whole foods is a special combination of greens, algae, sprouts, mushrooms, berries and traditional western tonic herbs formulated to supply us with natural food sources of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and essential trace nutrients. We use it to increase energy and vitality, lose weight and build better health. Mix two tablespoons with our favorite juice daily; may be taken two or three times daily if desired. The formula contains: spirulina blue-green algae, chlorella broken cell algae, nettle leaf, purple dulse leaf, wheat grass, spinach leaf, alfalfa grass, barley grass, astragalus root, rose hip, orange peel, lemon peel, beet root and non-active nutritional yeast.

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