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The first 24-48 hours of therapy normally involve complete fasting with water intake alone. At this stage (the harshest), the body consumes most of the sugar and triglycerides present in the blood; of course, glucose levels are kept progressively stable by the liver glycogen, while motor action (absolute rest) is supported mainly by the reserves of muscle glycogen.

This technique cannot be used in case of liver impaired, type 1 diabetes mellitus or other diseases that involve an important metabolic difficulty.

The “true” metabolic action occurs at the end of this first phase, that is, when the reserves of glycogen are reduced “to the bone”. At this point, the body begins to burn mainly adipose tissue, with the production and blood overflow of molecules called ketones. Sometimes, in compromised subjects or taking certain drugs, therapeutic fasting involves taking plant juices such as juices and centrifuges to reduce the state of ketoacidosis. Therapeutic fasting is interrupted in progressive matter, starting with the intake of juices and centrifuges, then smoothies and vegetables in pieces, reaching up to the intake of cereals and legumes.

Fasting and Acidosis

Ketones, while potentially toxic (if not effectively disposed of by the body), can have positive effects on therapeutic compliance (strategy tolerance). In fact, by acting suppressively towards the central nervous system, ketones minimize the stimulus of hunger. Some even claim that ketones can provoke a generalized feeling of well-being. However, this condition called “ketoacidosis” is not exempt from side effects, including: liver and kidney toxicity, tendency to dehydration, hypotension, etc. ┬áThis feeling of well-being is not only attributable to ketoacidosis, but also to the total rest of the gastrointestinal tract. Indeed, the digestion of people with obesity is always quite demanding; consuming very abundant meals, not very digestible and responsible for high glycemic peaks, these people are used to living with an almost continuous feeling of psycho-physical weakness.

A further beneficial effect of therapeutic fasting, emphasized by the administration of antioxidant supplements, is “cell wash”. Not everyone knows that the organism has various means of excretion of useless or toxic molecules; these include bile, feces, urine, sweat, mucus, pulmonary ventilation, hair, nails, etc. Therapeutic fasting makes it possible to exploit these mechanisms without introducing other pollutants or other toxic agents at the same time, including mercury, arsenic, lead, dioxin and food additives.

Fasting and Taste Buds

Another great advantage of therapeutic fasting is the restoration of the taste bud function of the tongue, which occurs through a process called neuro-adjustment. This perceptual “reset” effect of tastes is very useful for the subsequent reorganization of the diet (maintenance phase), which involves the exclusive use of fresh and undated foods.


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