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Fewer than half of people with high blood pressure have it under control. The problem: When our pressure is too high for too long, it can stretch and damage our arteries. The resulting health problems can include heart disease, heart failure, stroke, kidney damage, vision loss, memory loss and cognitive decline. Our first line of defense is not to brush off high blood pressure: Lifestyle changes are natural ways to lower blood pressure.


Balance nutrients. Less sodium (under 1,500 mg per day) and more potassium rich foods. Use Gomashio instead of salt

Eating food that contains probiotics ”consumable live bacteria” has been linked to healthier blood pressure. Yogurt is the clearest example of a probiotic but people might not be as aware of prebiotics. Prebiotics are things that we eat that contain the precursors bacteria needed to make the special chemicals that are then absorbed by our bodies, potentially lowering blood pressure. Fiber can be a prebiotic for a lot of bacteria, so when we eat fiber, the bacteria break it down to make those chemicals. We can find prebiotics in fiber-containing foods such as garlic, onions, asparagus, whole wheat pasta and sweet potatoes.


Lose a little weight

Researchers are finding that extra pounds can actually cause heart muscle injury. We should move more. Physical activity can be as beneficial to our heart as medication in some cases, A combination of aerobic workouts (which, depending on your fitness level, can include walking, running, swimming, and other vigorous heart-pumping exercise) and strength training (weight lifting, resistance training) is considered best for heart health. These exercises improve the muscles’ ability to draw oxygen from the circulating blood. That reduces the need for the heart – a muscular organ itself – to work harder to pump more blood to the muscles, whatever our age.


Relieve stress

Everybody has some stress in their lives. But prolonged stress can raise your blood pressure and keep it higher longer than is healthy. Ways to relax your mind, body and blood pressure?

Practice yoga, One of yoga’s clearest benefits to the heart is its ability to relax the body and mind. Emotional stress can cause a cascade of physical effects, including the release of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which narrow our arteries and increase blood pressure. The deep breathing and mental focus of yoga can offset this stress.

Worry and depression commonly follow a cardiac event, such as a heart attack, bypass surgery or diagnosis of heart disease. As part of an overall treatment plan, yoga can help us manage this stress.

Practice meditation. Meditation techniques appear to produce small yet meaningful reductions in blood pressure either as monotherapy or in conjunction with traditional pharmacotherapy. Transcendental meditation and mindfulness-based stress reduction may produce clinically significant reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressure.


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