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There are natural supplements that can represent allies if we are undertaking a program to lose weight, but none of these can be effective on his own, and before taking them we should talk about them with our doctor or naturopath.

Let’s see in general what are the natural supplements that can help lose weight if we are following a controlled diet.

Glucomannan is a useful fiber in a controlled regimen aimed at weight loss, as in the presence of liquids it produces a gel that increases up to 60 times its volume generating a sense of satiety. It reaches its maximum value after about an hour so it should be taken one hour before the main meals. It has no particular contraindications, indeed as confirmed by the studies carried out, being a fiber, in conjunction with a healthy diet, reduces the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes; in fact, it counteracts the absorption of fats and slows down that of sugars by helping to lower the level in the blood. Its high viscosity also exerts a laxative action helping to clean up the intestinal parts.

Chromium picolinate is effective especially in diabetic patients, in those who suffer from metabolic syndrome or still have high blood sugar, as it enhances the effect of insulin, the hormone that regulates the level of blood sugars. While chromium deficiencies are not common, its addition to the diet in the form of a supplement can help in diabetes, hyperglycemia and obesity, precisely because of its hypoglycemic effect; it also helps reduce cholesterol levels and promotes muscle growth by helping to reduce fat mass.

Fucoxanthyne  is found in most brown algae; it is an xanthophyll and a molecule very similar to beta-carotene and vitamin A, but only from a structural point of view, and not for its action. This substance is stored in fat cells and inhibits their proliferation; it also intervenes on the metabolism of glucose in the muscles, and can therefore be useful for those suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Particularly suitable for blood groups 0, whose thyroid gland is often lazy, it must be taken under medical supervision precisely because of its iodine content and effects on the thyroid gland, especially if we are in drug therapy with thyroid hormones. If we want to have the benefit of algae but not have interference on the thyroid gland we can use Spirulina or Klamath which are excellent supplements rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins and still useful for losing weight.

Faseolamine Inhibits some enzymes produced by pancreas and liver, alpha-amylases, which have the task of transforming starch from carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, potatoes and legumes, into glucose. It inhibits part of this process, so only a part of the carbohydrates is transformed into glucose and absorbed by the body. Because of its characteristics it is obviously useful to hyperglycemic subjects, and also has draining effects. It has no side effects except for individual sensitivities and for purely precautionary reasons it is not recommended to use it in pregnancy and lactation.

Piperine is a thermogenic, that is, it accelerates metabolism leading it to burn more calories than normal; helps burn fat and increases muscle mass. It is an excellent supplement, especially as always if you practice a sports activity because it increases muscle power and reduces fat mass.

Turmeric is a substance widely used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine and that has numerous health benefits, among which it can also help to lose weight, as it helps the proper functioning of metabolism and leads the body to dispose of more fats, thanks to the presence of adinopectin, a substance that the body secrete precisely thanks to turmeric. It also keeps blood sugar at bay by exercising control over “hunger attacks”, accelerates intestinal transit and is also effective against cellulite due to its draining effect.

Vitamin D, which we may be deficient, has been an excellent ally in those who want to lose weight, according to the latest research. In fact, a correlation between low levels of vitamin D in the blood and a greater tendency to overweight has been highlighted. Vitamin D produces leptin, which is also known as the satiety hormone, and helps to extinguish the stimulus of hunger. In addition, if vitamin D levels are low, insulin also works worse, so we are more predisposed to develop metabolic syndrome, a pathology also characterized by the presence of abdominal fat.


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