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Monday, which is also the first day of the week. It is also the starting of the new journey that could be motivational and inspirational. It is the day where you explore the possibilities because you have the whole week in front of you. Begin the week with momentum and you’ll look back with great satisfaction on all you have achieved.

The other perspective of the day can also be stressful. You may have to face a bad boss or a negative environment. It’s the biggest day of the week for heart attacks. It has always been an unspoken enemy of people who totally enjoyed their weekends.

Let’s make your starting week a good one. One where you demonstrate the power of positive possibilities and attitude.

Monday motivational quote 1:

Always believe something wonderful is about to happen

This should be the spirit every person should have while starting their day. A person should always keep in mind that something good is always about to happen and this positive attitude will lead them towards success. When you wake up on a Monday morning, you should be thankful to God that you are blessed enough to have a job and God chose you to see the perfect and fresh day. Never complain about the day, start it with a fresh start and something great will happen for yourself today.

Monday motivational quote 2:

To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work.

Mondays will be no more very hard if you really love your work. Even if Mondays are hard don’t panic about it a lot, you need to do second thinking. Most people spend their nights thinking about the next day and worrying about the next week ahead. If you choose to do something you love and enjoy then you will never feel stressful and you will always find a way to go back to your work, even if it’s Monday.

Monday motivational quote 3:

Each day can count if we learn to live it on purpose.

You should not passively drift through the day, rather allowing the wind of circumstances and distractions to make your choice is very important to make your day productive one. If you keep yourself motivated then every day can be an inspiration to you. Every person should try to be fully committed on Mondays. When you change your thinking and perspective towards Mondays then you will find that you can even enjoy the day.

Monday motivational quote 4:

People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Being part of Monday is what no one likes. So if you make others happy, Mondays are no problem then. You can make other’s day perfect with the help of your positive and enthusiastic vibe. Work hard and inspire others to do the same. Monday is a great opportunity for you to change for something better. The attitude of acceptance and support inspires others also to be the best as they can be. To make your day beautiful you should also make other’s moods beautiful. By showing enthusiasm and good vibes you are making the world a better and happy place.

Some tips for inspiring and motivational Monday:

  1. Save energy for your weekends.
  2. Use Friday afternoon to prepare for Monday.
  3. Get enough sleep and wake up early.
  4. Use Monday as an opportunity to set the tone for your week.
  5. Schedule your day and plan a break to plan something fun.
  6. Make your regular social plans for Monday nights to chill a bit.
  7. Eat your favorite breakfast and wear your favorite dress to keep your mood set and excited.
  8. Be positive.


When you make good use of Mondays, you will also stop carrying stress through the days of the week. While other people moan and groan about the end of the weekend, you can use Monday as a crucial moment of reflection and preparation. Mondays should be welcomed with great enthusiasm and enormous hope.


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